Upcoming events @ Barton Fink:

Our Story


Named after the left-of-centre cult film character, Barton Fink is an establishment that pays homage to the ‘the life of the mind’. Through the replication of cinema at its greatest via film reel lights, peeling wallpaper and 1940s inspired furnishings, to the lonely typewriter that sits in the far corner, Barton Fink Lounge café offers nostalgia at its finest.

This coupled with the seamless delivery of great customer service through to experienced bar staff and mouthwatering tapas created by their wonderful chef. We serve an array of cocktails, fine spirits and delicious wines selected to perfection. Barton Fink will offer those who venture out to Thornbury an opportunity to enjoy the ambience of their bar in comfort and an unforgettable good time.

Throw your next party at Barton!


We’ve thrown a few wonderful events at Barton and we’re excited to throw another for you! Contact us asap, we want to hear from you!