$18 Espresso


(Kahlua, Vodka, Locally brewed Coffee)


$17 French


(Vodka, Chambord, Pineapple juice)


$18 Classic


(Gin or Vodka, Dry vermouth, Olive or alternate Garnish)


$18 Old fashioned


(Rye or Bourbon, Bitters, Sugar, Orange Twist)


$18 The “Leroy”


(Dark rum, Maple syrup, Bitters)


$18 Negroni


(Gin, Sweet vermouth, Campari)


$16 Margarita


(Tequila, Cointreau, Lime)


$17 Strawberries and cream


(Fresh strawberries, Vodka, Cranberry, Butterscotch and Peach Liqueurs)


$17 The Passionate One


(Vanilla Vodka, St Germain, Lime, Egg white, Passionfruit Juice)


$18 Toblerone


(Kahlua, Baileys, White Crème de Cacao, Frangelico, Cream)


$18 Gin/Amaretto/Whisky Sour


(Your choice of Gin, Amaretto or Whisky, Lemon, Sugar, Egg White)


$25 Long Island Iced Tea


(Vodka, Gin, White rum, Tequila, Cointreau, Lemon and Lime juice, Coke)


$16 The “North” Southside


(Tequila, Gin or Coconut Rum, Lime, Sugar, Mint)


$16 Soixante Quinze-French 75


(Gin, Lemon, Sugar, Sparkling Wine)


$16 Cosmopolitan


(Vodka, Lime, Cranberry Juice, Cranberry Juice)


$17 French Gimlet


(Gin, St Germain, Lime)